Worlds 2023 Play-ins Teams and Schedule

As the World Championship of 2023 is approaching we finally have the full list of the Play-ins competitors. Teams from all around the globe will fight in a Best-of-3 knockout stage for the Worlds 2023 Qualifier matches which will be Best-of-5 matches between the survivors. The two winners of those final Play-in matches will occupy the last 2 spots for the Swiss stage of Worlds, where the big teams like JDG and T1 will be waiting for them.

Seven play-in teams have already been decided and the last spot will be claimed by either LEC’s 4th Seed Team BDS or LCS’s Spring runner-ups Golden Guardians. The two teams are both having the best year of their organization’s history and they are looking more than ready to show us even more in the first ever Worlds Qualifying Series!

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Let’s meet all the teams

PCS(2 teams)

1. PSG Talon

Ever since their rebranding back in 2020 PSG Talon has won 5 out of 7 PCS finals and attended Worlds in almost all of their years. Except for last year when they lost 3-2 to CTBC Flying Oyster and then also lost 3-2 to Beyond Gaming and did not manage to make it into the World Championship. This year though they won both of the PCS Finals and are proudly representing PCS as the number 1 seed.

2) CTBC Flying Oyster

The 2022 Worlds 1st Seed for PCS Flying Oyster is back, this year as the second seed, after another gut-wrenching 3-2 Summer final in the PCS against rivals PSG Talon. They might have lost the Summer Finals to their rivals but they still ended up in the same Gauntlet as them.

VCS(2 teams)

1) Gigabyte Marines

This historical team has dominated the VCS for the last 6 years and is once

again representing VCS as their number one seed. Veterans Levi and Kiaya are

definitely itching to remind us of their worth.

2) Team Whales

The relatively new Team Whales has shocked the Vietnamese e-sports space

with their astounding results this year rocking the 2nd place finish in both the Summer and Spring Seasons while also reaching the Summer Playoffs Finals against GAM. Their young

roster is full of talent and a thirst for glory.

LJL(1 team)

DetonatioN FocusMe

Who would expect to see DFM in Worlds this year? That’s right, everyone!

I can’t remember the last time I saw a World championship without DFM in it. This team always delivers and reaches the World stage every year. They might have lost Evi back at the start of the year but they still have a fighting chance in Play-ins because the iconic Twitch chat icon Yutapon role swapped to Toplane in order to fill Evi’s absence!

BR(1 team)


The CBLOL champions are once again LOUD this year and they might just be the most entertaining team of all the Play-in teams. The perennial Brazilian superstars Robo and Tinowns backed by Korean excellence, Croc, and Route are sure to satisfy the viewers this year in Play-ins!

LLA(1 team)

Movistar R7

Just like in this year’s MSI, LLA’s representative for Worlds is going to be once again Movistar R7. Their roster is full of talent with Koreans Bong in the toplane and Mireu in the mid lane taking most of the spotlight. The Argentinian duo Bot of Ceo and Lyonz is nothing to scoff at as well seeing that Ceo acquired the most MVP awards this last split out of all the players in the LLA.

EMEA or NA(1 team)


For the first time ever the World Championship will start with an EU vs. NA show match to decide the last Play-ins spot. Europe’s Spring runner-ups and North America’s Spring runner-ups will fight in a Best of 5 match for Regional glory and play-ins contention.

Crownie’s ADC mastery vs. Stixxay’s historical experience will be a delightful sight to behold.

Make sure to not miss the Worlds Qualifier Series on October 8, 9 PM PT / 6 AM CET / 1 PM KST.

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