Why should you call a locksmith after a burglary?

This is a very delicate subject that we would not like to have to touch with anyone, but as we are not exempt from the multiple turns that life gives, we may have to deal with this situation and out of the shock that could mean for some to lose valuable things from your home and break the sense of security, we must act quickly to solve it or it may happen again.

Burglaries can happen for many reasons, it can be a person who has been planning to rob your home before and was just waiting for the moment to do it, an unexpected failure of your lock, having left a window open while you were going to work and in the worst case, it is an extortion or robbery process with you inside. But first things first, and that is to secure your surroundings with the basics.

Locksmith services after a burglary 

The first thing a locksmith will do when you tell him that you have been a victim of a robbery is to ask you about how it was done, after that he will immediately move to the place with the necessary tools to make a complete change of both lock and windows, make sure there are no weak points and much less that the thief has left something behind to try to get in again to steal, as often make two assaults because people are confident and do not put security measures immediately. 

It is unthinkable that you spend a night without put security measures, the locksmith depending on your capabilities and the area will recommend what are the best changes for you, but most of the time they choose to put smart locks as they allow you to align them with other security methods such as cameras or motion sensors, so you can be aware of suspicious movement in your home even when you are outside the premises. 

Be sure to tell the locksmith to change all the keys and give you copies of all of them so that you have one and someone else you trust has the other so that they can take care of the situation if something else happens in your home and you are unable to attend.

We are very sorry to hear that you are going through this situation, but the best thing you can do from now on is to apply prevention.

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