What is the sheet metal design course?

A sheet metal design course involves creating metal components in brackets, enclosures, and other parts typically produced with a brake press. The sheet metal-specific modelling tools in Siemens NX CAD sheet metal design software incorporate material and process information.

Additionally, you can make sheet metal parts that enclose other components and rapidly translate solid models into sheet metal components. Using NX CAD as a design tool, more than 85% of sheet metal businesses.

The sheet metal module of the NX CAD [UG NX] software will be covered in this training. You can put sheet metal design constraints into practice after finishing this training. Additionally, you will be able to build sheet metal industry models in real time with ease. Celebrity age

Lesson on designing sheet metal design course with NX-CAD software

You’ll discover how to make sketches in NX CAD during this 12-week training. The training will teach you how to use NX CAD to turn your ideas into 3D images, but before you can do that, you need to be aware of the various sets of variables required to design sheet metal components.

During this training, you will learn how to draw squares, circles, patterns, and lines in NX CAD. Additionally, you will discover how to mould sheet metal into shapes like corners, jogs, hems, and advanced and contour flanges.

This sheet metal design course (NX CAD) costs are flexible and vary from INR 7,000 to INR 15,000 per month for three months. You would have access for two months under the base plan, four months under the pro plan, and forever under the premium plan. You can select a package based on your needs.

Who Should Enroll in This Course?

  • Mechanical engineering students who intend to work in the automobile sector as soon as they graduate
  • Those currently employed but want to pursue a job in CAD design.

What can one learn from the course?

  • The students will replicate the different processes used in the business to work with sheet metal.
  • To accurately recreate industry processes, become familiar with the different operations and necessary Siemens NX CAD commands.
  • The students are given an introduction to the basic vocabulary and workbench directions.
  • The lesson covers the fundamentals of using commands like Flat Pattern and the correct method to use Flat Pattern to create a drafting sheet Celebrity age.

What does such a course consist of?

Modelling of Sheet Metal Casing-

Students will gain knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the sheet metal design course through this assignment. Students will comprehend how to use the characteristics of tabs, flanges, and bends.

Modelling of Sheet Metal Boxes-

The student will simulate a sheet metal box for this exercise. Additionally, they will produce application-specific features like beads, customized hinges, and hem flange gjcollegebihta  inventions.

Modelling of Sheet Metal Enclosures-

The student will simulate a sheet metal enclosure for this exercise. They will pick up the skill of converting standard models to sheet metal.

Modelling of Sheet Metal Brackets-

Students will simulate a sheet metal bracket for this exercise. Additionally, they will comprehend the significance of stiffeners.

Modelling of sheet metal switchboards-

Students will gain knowledge of ventilation for electric casings through this exercise.

Career Possibilities Following Completion of this sheet metal design course (nx cad )

  • Metal sheet drawing
  • CAD designer and design expert
  • fluid dynamics specialist
  • Vehicle CAD artist


The students will replicate the different procedures carried out in the business on sheet metal. To accurately reproduce the processes used in the industry, learn the various operations and necessary Siemens NX CAD commands.

The sheet metal design course teaches students the fundamentals of using commands like Flat Patterns and how to use Flat Patterns to make drafting sheets correctly.

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