Want to Watch Your Kids Birthday on the Big Screen? You Can Do It Now

When people recently went into a theatre after a lengthy break, cinemas had been shut because of the lockdown, there was a shock waiting on them. People prepared birthday event shock in some cinema chains and reserved an entire film hall to commemorate their birthday. In fact, people even got a personalised birthday message for their loved ones from a video jockey.

There are numerous who are intending birthday celebrations, as well as wedding anniversary events in theatres. Multiplexes and cinema chains have started letting individuals reserve a whole amphitheatre for these purposes.

A cinema rental of this sort in cinema chains is valued differently.

Cinema chains check the team size with the customer. The smallest team that they cater to is about 12 individuals, as well as they would want you to ideally take a great display. A regular auditorium has around 80-125 seats. Thus, costs depend on the team dimension. If you provide cinema chains with an endeavour to inhabit 35 per cent of the capability, then you obtain the amphitheatre for 100 seats.

Different markets, various patterns

A kid proposed to a girl while enjoying their preferred movie during a private screening. In different markets, there are different trends. Fan club screenings have become a fad. Throughout Xmas, there were families that reserved personal screenings to commemorate the festival while seeing old motion pictures.

As for cinema chains, when theatres resumed it was just new movies that were thetotal running on screens. And also, for those films, they got on-the-spot bookings for personal screenings. In fact, a household of 18 to 20 individuals booked an exclusive screening to enjoy new motion pictures on the spot.

But are exclusive screenings obtaining traction? That definitely seems to be the case. In terms of the number of bookings, in the launch week of the cinema, they saw nearly 108 personal screenings in theatres that got open.

In the second week after launch, cinema chains got 140 reservations and for the third week, they have more than 150 reservations for personal screenings. Now, that cinemas are opening up, they could see approximately about 450 to 500 screenings each week.

Cinema chains claim it is seeing at least one reservation for an exclusive screening every day.

Budget-friendly Beverages and Food

In addition to the auditorium, food, as well as beverages are used by the clients; however, with price cuts. While beverages and foods are more than and above what gets offered for personal screenings, there are discount rates. Whatever the cost was in pre-Covid then individuals can get it at a lower cent cheaper. As an example, if a team of 35 individuals opt for beverages and food, then they can get it for very less.

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