Top 9 effective strategies for playing sicbo at game portal New88

Sicbo is a simple game, unlike its cousin blackjack or Xi To. All you need to do is place your bet and wait for the result of the dice roll, then withdraw your winnings. However, bettors also need to know some experience to be able to win this game. So what is Sicbo?

Introduction What is Sicbo game?

Sicbo is a game that has been around for a long time, also known asSic Bo game. However, to play you need to gather enough people. Realizing the needs of members, New88 quickly launched an online version called Sicbo New88.

This game includes 3 dice with sides numbered from 1 to 6 to find a winner. Besides, games SicboThere is no limit to the number of participating players.

With easy gameplay and high winning rates, this game is not only popular in Asia but also in many other countries. The Sicbo game is popular with game portal because it is the game that pays the highest profit rate at the house.

Specific Sicbo rules that gamers need to know

What is Sic Bo?? Sicbo gameis the most popular today because players love luck and hope to earn the biggest reward.

Of course, any game has its own rules that require participants to clearly understand and make it more convenient to participate. Therefore, players need to carefully study how to play and calculate the corresponding points to avoid making mistakes.

How to play sicbo correctly

Game Sicbowill use 3 dice and each dice has 6 sides corresponding to 1-6 points. In each select match, three dice will be presented and players will bet on the possible outcomes that appear on those three dice.

How to bet on Sicbo game?

Currently, there are many ways to bet in the Sicbo game, for example:

  • Bet on the total score of the three dice
  • Bet on the outcome of each dice
  • Bet on different combinations of three dice

Before each sicbo game, players will make a bet. After rolling the dice and confirming the results, the house will pay out according to the corresponding odds.

  • Under (Small): The total value of the 3 dice is from 4-10. Odds 1:1.
  • Big:The total value of the above 3 dice is 11-17. Odds 1:1.
  • Synchronized:The value of 3 dice is the same. Odds 1:3.
  • Pair bets: 2 or 3 dice have equal value. Odds 1:1.
  • Total bet:The player guesses the correct value of the pair of numbers that appears after rolling the dice. Odds 1:6.
  • Third prize bet:The player guesses the correct value of the 3 numbers that appear after rolling the dice. Odds 1:1.

Rules you should know about dice in the game Sicbo

In addition, players need to pay attention to some dice rolling rules when playing sicbo game such as three dice cannot be placed face up. In this situation, the house will roll the bet and not count the number of bets.

When the dice bounces up and down less than 3 times and does not spin, the bet will not be refunded and the dealer will have to roll again. In addition, to better understand the winning rate of each type of bet, players need to clearly understand the related data.

With knowledge and experience playing Sicbo then the player will be able to win the game portal and get higher results in this game. However, to be able to play the Sicbo game successfully and effectively, players need to clearly understand how to play Sicbo, experience and tips for playing Sicbo.

What are Sic Bo rules?

The rules of Sicbo are very easy to understand. The aim is to bet on the results of the 3 dice. First, you place a bet by choosing the bet amount, then place it in the place you have chosen. You can follow these simple steps:

  • First, you select the bet button, which can be increased or decreased depending on the game wallet.
  • Then click on the corresponding item on the virtual Sicbo board to select the bet type and place the bet.

Please note that you can place multiple bets on the same hand and the bet size may vary depending on your choice. Therefore, be very careful and rational, do not let unfortunate mistakes occur.

Experience playing Sicbo New88 comes from experts

Bet where there is a high probability of winning

This strategy is very simple, you just need to bet on it and have a high probability of winning. In game Sicbo New88, players can bet on many bets such as Over, Under, Doubles, Triples, etc. But not all bets have a high probability of winning. According to the experience of players in Sicbo villages, total bets and Over and Under bets have a higher probability of winning than other types of bets.

What is Sicbo in big/small bets (Sic Bo)

Along with the question How to bet fantan then for Over/Under bets in What is Sic Bo? then the player will use the 1-3-2-4 mechanism, this is also the select odds. Because if you do it this way, you will easily win. Of course, the gameplay is also extremely simple as follows:

  • Game 1: Player bets 10,000 VND
  • Lose => bet again 10,000 VND
  • Win => start the second bet
  • Game 2: Player bets 30,000 VND
  • Loss => After 2 rounds you only lose 20,000 VND, then return to the original bet: 10,000 VND.
  • Win => start the 3rd bet
  • Game 3: Player bets 20,000 VND
  • Loss => After 3 rounds of select you still win 20,000 VND, bet another 10,000 VND.
  • Win => start the 4th bet
  • 4th bet: Player bets 40,000 VND
  • Lose => After select 4 times and still winning 20,000, bet 10,000
  • Win => You won 100,000 after 4 bets and another 10,000 in the next bet

What is the pair select strategy in sicbo?

Pair bets are also very popular with players because the probability of winning is 6 to 1. You only need to use 30 units when select. At that time, you only need to win with a probability of 4/30. Even so, you still have profit. This way of playing is quite simple for newbies to learn.

What is the Sic Bo balancing strategy?

  • Choose a nice number to bet on (recommended to choose 9 and 12, because the odds correspond to the highest probability of winning)
  • Bet the amount selected above and combine it with 3 identical double bets.

If the total bet loses, you will switch to another select strategy. Or even switch to choosing the same duo. For total win bets, winning bets are very good. You apply a reasonable strategy and the house will only lose money for you.

What is the strategy for playing big Sicbo?

Those who implement the strategy of playing Sicbo New88 will bet on high odds. If you have any questions, play What is Sic Bo?and how to play, below are the most detailed content for you:

  • Total 13 or Total 8
  • Homogeneous couple
  • Bet in pairs

What is total bet 8 in sicbo

Below, game portal New88 will give specific examples so you can easily grasp What is Sic Bo?. You can rely on the example to better understand this way of playing. Besides, players can bet as follows:
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  • Total 30,000 VND => If you win, you will receive 270,000 VND.
  • 20,000 VND similar to duo 1; 2; 3 => If you win, you will receive 220,000 VND.
  • The third pair bet 20,000 => If you win, you will receive 120,000 VND.

What is total bet 13 in sicbo

If you are wondering what the total bet of 13 is in the game sicbo, please refer to the content below:

  • Total 30,000 VND => Win 270,000.
  • 20,000 in 2 hands of 4; 5; 6 => Win 220,000.
  • 20,000 bet 3; 2 => if you win, you will win 120,000.

Top 9 effective strategies for playing sicbo at New88

  • Small and Big Strategy: The most popular and most effective strategy at Sic Bo. The chance of winning both types of bets above is high (~ 48.61%), but players need to pay attention to the average bet rate at each table.
  • Big bet strategy: Players need to choose the dice that is most likely to come up (such as number 1 or number 6) and then place a larger bet on the corresponding number. Players should also limit select on numbers that appear a lot to minimize risks.
  • Two-card select strategy: The player can choose the pair of numbers that appears the most (such as pair 4-5 or pair 5-6). The chance of winning with the above strategy is 6:1. Therefore, players should also bet low to minimize risks.
  • What is the three-card select strategy in Sicbo: Players can choose the most likely dice and place larger bets on them. The highest winning ratio for the above two numbers is 5:1.
  • Total score strategy: Players can choose a number around 9 – 12 to bet, because the total score of the three dice will be within a certain range. However, players need to be careful when placing bets to minimize the highest risk.
  • Strategy for select on three dice with odd or even numbers:Players can bet on three dice whose total score is even or odd to increase their chances of winning.
  • Strategy for select according to lucky numbers: Players can choose a lucky number and place a larger bet on that number to increase their chances of winning.
  • Tactics for using the Martingale system: Players can use the Martingale system (increase bets with each loss) to increase their chances of winning.
  • What is the strategy for using the Fibonacci number sequence system in sicbo:Players can use the Fibonacci number sequence system when playing sicbo (increase bets according to the Fibonacci number sequence) to increase their chances of winning.

What are some frequently asked questions in the game sicbo?

Why is the Sicbo game popular in Asia?

Game Sicbo is popular in Asia because it brings a feeling of excitement and relaxation to players. It is also related to the customs and cultures of many Asian countries. In particular, it is considered part of the tradition and culture of that place.

Besides, the Sicbo game has many different versions around the world. However, the three versions mainly used are Tencent (or commonly known as SicBo Hong Kong), Tencent and Sicbo Macau.

What are the common mistakes when playing Sicbo?

  • Not good at budget analysis
  • Not understanding the rules of the game
  • Place many bets in 1 table
  • There is no specific strategy
  • select decisions are based on psychology
  • Bet too big
  • Not understanding the odds in depth
  • Choose an unreliable dealer
  • Emotional instability

Why do you lose when playing the Sicbo game?

Most players cannot control their emotions, leading to rash, hasty select and select based on emotions as well as without careful calculations. This can also cause players to get caught up in the gameplay and get deeper and deeper into the wrong things, leading to the risk of losing all their money.


Hope after understanding What is Sic Bo?You will practice today at New88 and receive great rewards. In addition, you can apply this attractive tip to the game online crab tossing to increase your chances of winning.

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