The Versatility of HP Multi Jet Fusion Materials: Unleashing the Potential of 3D Printing


HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is revolutionizing 3D printing with its diverse range of materials, enabling designs and functionalities previously unattainable. This versatility is critical in expanding the horizons of manufacturing and product development.

Materials and Their Specific Properties and Applications:

  • Unfilled Nylon 12 (PA12):
  • Properties: Offers a balance between strength, detail, and flexibility.
  • Applications: Ideal for complex parts requiring fine detail and high quality, suitable for functional prototypes and end-use parts in automotive, consumer goods, and more.
  • Nylon 12 Glass Beads (PA 12 GB):
  • Properties: 40% glass bead filling enhances stiffness and dimensional stability.
  • Applications: Used for stiff, functional parts, including tooling, industrial fixtures, and high-stress components.
  • Unfilled Nylon 11 (PA11):
  • Properties: Renowned for its strength and ductility with excellent impact resistance.
  • Applications: Perfect for prosthetics, sporting goods, and other items requiring high flexibility and durability.
  • Thermoplastic Polyamide Elastomer (TPA):
  • Properties: A flexible, lightweight material with high rebound resilience.
  • Applications: Ideal for applications like winter sports equipment, car interiors, and robotics where flexibility and light weight are essential. Visit more: almost famous cast
  • Polypropylene:
  • Properties: Known for its chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and versatility.
  • Applications: Widely used in automotive parts, industrial components, and medical devices due to its cost-effectiveness and adaptability.
  • Estane TPU 95A:
  • Properties: A thermoplastic polyurethane known for high rebound and good abrasion resistance.
  • Applications: Suitable for parts requiring elasticity, shock absorption, and fine structures like flexible hoses, tubes, and grippers.
  • BASF Ultrasint 88A:
  • Properties: Provides a balanced profile of flexibility and durability.
  • Applications: Ideal for flexible, functional parts in areas like footwear, sports equipment, and automotive applications.

Redefining Manufacturing with HP MJF:

HP’s MJF technology, with its array of versatile materials, is reshaping traditional manufacturing, enabling the creation of innovative parts that address complex challenges across various industries.


The HP Jet Fusion material range underscores the evolving capabilities of 3D printing, opening up a realm of possibilities for manufacturing robust mechanical parts, detailed and flexible components, and everything in between. This technology heralds a new era in digital manufacturing and design. Know more: almost famous

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