Spray Mineral Sunscreen & How to Prevent Skin Peeling

Getting sunburn can be prevented by wearing spray mineral sunscreen, as can the peeling that often occurs not long after. Having fun on a sunny day shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your skin, so in this article, we look at how to stop peeling before it’s had a chance to start. 

The kind of sunburn that leads to peeling can be inflamed, painful and downright unpleasant in every regard – as well as increasing the chances of melanoma greatly. Obviously, this is something that you need to do everything in your power to avoid, so now we look at some solutions.

Sunburn Signs That Occur When Not Wearing Spray Mineral Sunscreen 

Any part of your body that’s directly exposed to the sun for long enough can be sunburned. Even if you wear spray mineral sunscreen, you can still get burnt if you don’t reapply it every two hours like you’re supposed to. When it strikes, you’ll know all about it, as it’s hard to miss. 

The most common areas affected by painful sunburn are the lips, top of the ears, scalp and back of the neck, and after just an hour or more, the skin will typically be:

  • Inflamed and often seems pink in color
  • Possibly covered in blisters
  • Tender & very sore
  • Possibly swollen
  • Hot to the touch
  • Itchy

The worst-case scenario is that you also get sunstroke, which is characterized by fever, dizziness, and fatigue. By this point, it’s time you get yourself to the hospital, as it’s a dangerous condition that can actually be life-threatening.

How to Stop Your Skin From Reaching the Peeling Stage

When the upper layers of the skin get damaged, it damages the cells, and even before the inflammation has disappeared, it starts to shed. It’s a horrible state for your skin to get into, but it can be stopped in the following ways…

Use a gentle moisturizer – if you find yourself with sunburn, you should apply a moisturizer, preferably a gentle one that contains a soothing compound like aloe vera. Doing so directly after a shower or bath (ideally a lukewarm one) helps to lock in moisture and drastically reduce the chances of shedding. 

Keep drinking lots of water – after getting telltale prickly heat signs that sunburn has occurred, do your best to drink water, as it will help to keep your skin hydrated during the important recovery phase. 

Don’t rub your skin with a towel – after washing your skin, how you dry it really matters. As such, you shouldn’t rub it vigorously like you normally would, as this will cause more damage. Instead, gently pat your skin dry and that won’t happen. 

Avoid getting sunburned – it may seem like an obvious thing to say, but if you can prevent sunburn from ever happening, you won’t have to deal with the subsequent problems. Use a mineral sunscreen every day and apply every two hours and you’ll be protected. 

Spray Mineral Sunscreen Is The Key to Stopping Peeling

Sunburn is a tragedy for the skin and it takes some getting over. It can be weeks before your skin looks like it did before sun damage, so the best thing to do is to be sun safe and then you’ll never have to cope with the misery of putting a t-shirt on and feeling every single stitch in the worst possible way.

Keep that in mind whenever you go outside – even when it’s coudy – and you’ll be spared from the itchiness and irritation that so many have to deal with every year. 

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