Solar cells are an inexhaustible alternative energy.

limitation or may be the only disadvantage of the solar cell system is solar energy that may not be stable According to various natural factors such as rainy days, overcast, cloudy, foggy, etc. Of course, these natural factors make the power generation system such as solar cells unable to work according to the qualifications Therefore, efforts have been made to develop other production systems. 

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To help support each other By combining energy in a hybrid system (Hybrid System), which is a system that can produce shared energy, for example, in addition to solar energy. There will be water power, wind power, engine power. to achieve continuous energy production In the event that a particular system is affected by nature that we cannot fix. or even electricity from the National Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand as a backup power It is still acceptable in terms of efforts to reduce energy use that has long-term impacts. and not a sustainable alternative energy

And there are also other factors that we may see as a problem. And it is one of the obstacles in choosing to generate energy with solar cell systems. and that obstacle is Investment value that is still considered very high at present especially in our country Compared to many countries around the world that use solar cell systems as renewable energy widely. Although such a system has been widely known in our country for almost 20 years, the cost of installing a solar cell system is still not much lower. and is still expensive This may be something that goes against the campaign to turn people’s attention to alternative energy to replace the energy that the government has to bear until there is a problem

for components In the solar cell system that is still considered to be expensive. If compared to the efficiency in the amount of electrical energy production such as solar panels That may cost more than 200 baht per watt ever. as well as other constituent devices such as charge controllers, rectifiers and including battery These devices are also expensive. In addition to being expensive The device also has a service life. which if we look in terms of investment in the country It may not be worth much. Compared to investing in installing solar cells to generate electricity Just to replace the purchase of electricity from the electricity every month, etc.

Generating electricity for sale to the country’s electric power enterprises at a special price.

If talking about investing in doing business with solar cell systems in the general public sector The project of selling electricity to the electric power enterprises or the “Solar Roof Solar Roof” project is considered to be receiving a lot of attention. which in fact For investing in the business sector for profit, it is not worth the investment. Because of the cost of building a solar cell system That can be profitable enough to break even, it may be enormous or more than 10 years to break even.

But for this project, it is not only aimed at commercial purposes. But it is an incentive or campaign for people to focus on alternative energy. more solar energy Because we all have a need for electric power. Like that, the roof of the house is full of tiles. in the midst of light energy long time sun and has never harvested that energy In addition to converting into heat energy that creates problems for residents only Today, we can install solar cell systems to generate alternative electricity. to replace electric power Day by day, our country has a trade deficit growing more and more. due to the electricity production rate in the country per day Insufficient to meet the needs of the people and industry of the country. It is necessary to connect the name of electric power from neighboring countries for many decades.

Installing a solar cell system that gets a payback faster, for example, if we only install a system because it is a renewable energy source in the home We may have to pay more than 4 hundred thousand baht, which will certainly allow us to pay less electricity per month. or may not have to lose at all But until we get the cost of energy production back. It may take a period of more than 10 years, but if we assume that we join this project. In order to sell electricity other than our needs to the electricity authority of the country At a price of about 11 baht per unit, we will definitely get the cost back faster. In addition to not buying used electrical energy Can also produce electricity for sale as well. A good project like this should extend the time and increase the number of people interested in participating in the project to more than 10,000 income soon.

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