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Nolan ridge Dental provides a wide range of services including, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, Invisalign, crowns, veneers, periodontics, oral prosthetics, gum disease treatment, dental implants and X-rays.

They also offer in house X-ray, cleaning and restorative services as well as several dental office packages to fit your budget and schedule. They strives to provide the highest quality dental care to their patients while respecting their client’s privacy.

They are committed to providing excellent customer service, providing the latest and most advanced dental technology, and their patients can rely on Nolan Ridge Dental to address their dental needs.

Qualify for dental implants:

Nolan ridge dental has now started selling dental implants for a variety of teeth including the upper and lower jaw, premolars, lower canines, canine, and inlays for the upper lips, upper lip, and upper molars.

They also can custom-build mouthpieces for teeth. There are several ways to qualify for dental implants, they include:

Oral surgery to remove the missing teeth:

The patient will need extensive work to reshape the new bone, teeth, gum tissue, and oral structures.

Cranial implant:

The implants used to help replace missing teeth are typically placed in the back of the jaw, so the patient needs a surgical procedure to break through the skull and bone, this means exposing the patient to general anesthesia.

There are risks with this procedure as well. The remaining teeth will need to be replaced periodically or they could potentially cause a headache, bad breath, or other facial pain.

Laryngeal implant:

These are also relatively new dental implants. They use the same incision technique as the dental implant but are placed in the larynx, the roof of the mouth, rather than the jaw.

Although there are risks with this procedure as well, these may include a little soreness or breathing problems. In addition, the larynx is fragile, and infections, or bleeding could easily occur.

Bone graft:

A process where bone is taken from the jaw and grafted onto the mouth to help form a new set of teeth. This may be done in conjunction with an implant.

Bone graft:

This is another process where bone is taken from the jaw and grafted onto the mouth to help form a new set of teeth.

A recent trend in dental care has been the application of implants into crowns or dentures. This can help provide an aesthetically pleasing, and functional, solution to cosmetic issues. The teeth that are not being replaced still need to be protected, and could be replaced later.



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Dentistry Nolan Ridge Calgary is the place to start for gorgeous smiles. We aim to keep your gorgeous, healthy smile for the rest of your life. Our dedication to our clients is their complete health and well-being because oral health significantly influences general health.

The preventative strategy of dentistry forms the foundation of our practice philosophy. The goal is to avoid additional dental work and, whenever feasible, preserve the native dentition. That’s why we’re committed to educating our clients and giving them the information and resources they need to maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth.


Some risks of dental implants include bacteria, infection, bleeding, headaches, soreness, sore mouth, fatigue, infections, laryngeal issues, lightheadedness, the jaw dropping or drooping, drooling, and gum swelling.

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