iTop PDF: Windows Feature Stacked PDF Reader & Editor

Although PDF reports are widely available, unlike Microsoft Word archives, they are not as easy to edit.

When we need to get PDF editors online, we typically create links to pricey PDF editors from any resemblance of Adobe and Foxit. However, iTop PDF, a free alternative to expensive PDF editors, is currently available.

The one-stop shop for all of your PDF-related needs is iTop PDF. It can edit PDF files, create new PDF files, combine multiple PDF files into one, split a single PDF file into multiple smaller PDF files, pack a large PDF file to reduce its file size, and secure PDF files using a secret key. wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

Change PDF documents without any issues

We can select different features beneath each tab in iTop PDF’s user interface. For instance, using the Alter tab, we can choose to change a current PDF document. This proofreader allows for a variety of changes to be made to a current PDF file. We can change the text and add text, photos, cut pages, watermarks, joins, and bookmarks.

Combining, dividing, and concentrating PDF records

There are many tools available, such as consolidating PDF documents in any request, dividing large PDF documents into smaller ones, packing PDF documents to reduce their overall size, adding a virtual endorsement to your archives, and removing, replacing, embedding, and editing pages inside the PDF documents.

Transform PDF documents into other formats

Likewise, under the Proselyte tab, we can convert PDF data to other configurations. It can convert PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It can totally transform PDF to support images, text, and PDF/A combinations. A PDF/A file is a special form of PDF document that includes all of the previously owned text styles inside of itself. Because of this, it may be preserved for the majority of years without worrying about whether these textual styles will still be available years from now.

Price ranges

The free version of iTop PDF may convert up to two files per day and has a 10MB file size restriction. There are premium subscription levels as well, which can be paid monthly, bimonthly, or annually. The 6-month plan is $7.17/month with a 40% discount, while the monthly plan costs $11.99/month. The most economical option is the 1-year plan, which offers 65% OFF and only $4.17 per month.


Taking everything into account, iTop PDF is a reasonable PDF solution for everyone. Both new users and experienced users will find this PDF manager to be an essential tool for their routine PDF editing and control needs.

The ease of use of this instrument is one of its many amazing features. Simply start the software after installation to begin converting your PDFs. Once the conversion is complete, you will get a fully editable Word document that is ready to use. The conversion procedure is quick and straightforward.