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The movie Minions is coming out soon, and there are a lot of people who are eager to see it. But there are also those who are a bit hesitant, because the movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Here are some things you need to know before you go and watch the film.


Minions are a group of fictional, anthropomorphic creatures from the Despicable Me franchise. They are the mascots of Universal Studios, Illumination and Paramount Global.

They were created by art director Eric Guillon, who worked on a number of Illumination movies. Their original home is in Switzerland. However, in the late 1960s, they left for America.

Their clothing includes black rubber gloves and blue overalls with the Gru logo. Some have a few wisps of black hair.

There are several different types of Minions. The most famous are Scarlet Overkill and Bob. These characters were featured in the original movie and are still featured in the sequel.

A few other characters are also in the movies. Otto, a new Minion, is a very charming fellow with a lisp caused by his braces. Stuart is also a pretty good minion. He often pairs up with Dave.


Minions, one of the world’s smallest complex organisms, have been around for over 60 million years. They evolved from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time. Despite their tiny size, they’ve served the world’s most despicable masters.

Minions are not the first super-villains to make an appearance in a movie. However, Scarlet Overkill is the world’s first female super-villain.

In “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” the film’s sequel, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob team up to search for the ultimate nemesis. While the search for a new evil boss isn’t exactly new, the quest is more than a little gimmicky.

Kevin’s plan involves flying a plane to New York and taking two intrepid scouts on a trip to a convention called Villain-Con. He’s hoping they’ll find a new boss.

Release date

The release date of movie Minions is coming up. The film is set to hit theaters on July 1, 2022. Previously, the movie was scheduled to release on July 2020. But now, the release date has been moved up to July 2022.

The Minions have been living in the world for millions of years. Originally, they were single-celled yellow organisms. Their purpose is to serve their masters. However, there is a new master in town. Known as Gru, he is eager to take over and become the biggest supervillain in the universe.

The film features a star-studded voice cast. Steve Carell, Michelle Yeoh, Danny Trejo, and Alan Arkin are among the actors. Other notable actors include Jean-Claude Van Damme, RZA, and Taraji P. Henson.


During the opening weekend of the movie “Minions,” the film shattered box office records. It earned $200 million worldwide. Despite the success of the film, there were mixed reviews. In particular, people were not enamored of the concept of a movie based on an obscure cartoon character.

However, the film was able to make a profit, thanks to a year-round screening program. The movie is a comedy animation.

For the most part, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” follows the popular goofballs. Specifically, it introduces a young Gru (voiced by Steve Carell), who is on a mission to test his supervillain skills. He’s joined by his two best friends, Bob and Stuart. As they try to find a new supervillain ruler, they run into their old nemesis, Vicious 6.

Like the first film, “Rise of Gru” draws on classic ’70s comedy and music. Throughout the film, a series of amusing gags involving noises, noises, noises, and more noises are sure to entertain children and adults alike.

Reactions from critics

The latest animated film in the Minions series has received some reactions from critics. It opened in the US on Friday. These reactions paint a picture of an action-packed comedy that has fun characters, a good soundtrack, and a lot of laughs. However, the film’s plot is lacking and the humor feels a bit one-note.

“Minions: The Rise of Gru” is the sequel to “Despicable Me 2.” It follows the adventures of 11-and-a-half-year-old Gru (voiced by Steve Carrell) as he tries to get his name out there. He leads a group of Minions, who are determined to earn back their jobs.

While the story isn’t particularly inventive, the Minions are highly entertaining. Each character has a different voice and they have a lot of charm.

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