Hot Coffee Table Designs For 2022

If you want a table that will stand out in your living room, you may want to consider some of the hottest new styles for 2022. These table designs are sure to give your living room an extra pop of style. If you’re looking for a table that’s stylish, versatile, and easy on the budget, you’ll want to keep these designs in mind. These stylish tables will add extra storage to your living room while providing a practical work surface and a place for you to place your coffee.

A coffee table can be a stylish way to display books, so make sure you pick the right size. Two books is a perfect size, while three is perfectly acceptable. To add sculptural interest to a coffee table, place a few books on top. The textured covers of the books can help you highlight other objects. You can also use sculptural objects to decorate your table. Designers such as Allison Crawford have adorn their tables with chunky beaded doithuong necklaces, carved wooden chains, and organic bowls. If you have a personal connection with the objects displayed, choose a piece that’s meaningful to you.

Then, consider the storage options. You may want to opt for a no-frills coffee table, but it’s also important to consider the storage features of the table. For instance, some tables offer drawers, so you can tuck away essential living room items. Another type of table is the lift-top variety, which can be raised for eating or working purposes. If you’d rather not use all the storage space, consider a coffee table that’s designed with extra storage.

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