Creative ways students try to cheat on online exams

During a timed exam, the Proctor is responsible for watching the students to ensure that they do not cheat. The Proctor is also responsible for checking that the students are not using their mobile phones or other electronic devices to cheat. Taking a proctored exam allows you to take it anytime you choose.

This is a method that many students consider ‘safe’. There are several ways family, experts, and friends can help students cheat in online proctored assessments. One way is having a family member or friend in the same room a student is taking the exam. The student can share the questions and the friend or download here family member can browse the internet and provide answers. Despite advances in online learning, some aspiring cheaters still prefer taking a more traditional route to getting caught.

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As students take the test, AutoProctor monitors their camera, mic and the screen they are looking at. So, for example, if they try Googling an answer, this will be detected. At the end of the test, depending on the type and frequency of these violations, AutoProctor calculates a Trust Score. Teachers can view the evidence gathered for those Test Attempts with a low Trust Score. Online exams that monitor screen activity will track the examinee’s activity within the window to ensure they are not clicking outside of the exam to look for external resources. Additionally, the security feature can trace mouse movements to indicate that learners are actively moving through questions.

  • Students will likely be unaware of a brief interruption because the webcam will automatically re-establish the connection once the Internet connection is restored.
  • Respondus Monitor is an extension to LockDown Browser that uses students’ webcams and analytics to generate automated reports assessing any possibility of cheating for each user.
  • This helps users know which webcam drivers & other drivers are outdated.
  • Each instructor decides when and if they would like to use ProctorTrack in their classes.

From there, run theWebcam Checkand theSystem Checkto make sure everything is working properly. If a problem is indicated, students can search for a solution in the RespondusKnowledge Baseor contact the TWU Service Desk for additional technical support. Ensure your first exam using Respondus LockDown Browser runs smoothly. Have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of Respondus LockDown Browser before taking a graded exam. To ensure exam security, you must install and use the Respondus Lockdown Browser and a webcam for video monitored exam proctoring. A practice test has been posted in an Exams folder in the Content area.

While a student is testing, Honorlock’s platform detects the use of secondary devices. Before you start the exam, you should turn off and put away any unused devices . Honorlock proctoring service is being offered at no cost to students.

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Respondus LockDown Browser while advanced, still lacks the intelligence to differentiate between certain actions or activities that may not necessarily be considered cheating. As a result, the Respondus Monitor simply flags any and all suspicious activities to be reviewed by your instructor. Yes, Respondus flags any incidence deemed suspicious which includes talking to yourself. You should note that Respondus doesn’t flag students for cheating but only suspicious activities including talking to yourself or someone else.

The ‘Old school’

Now modify the visual settings for your broadcast from Properties. Here’s a detailed guide on how to test your webcam online. Open Privacy settings and select the Camera from the left menu. We have a complete guide to help you with the whole process.

The webcam troubleshooting steps below help to fix a non-working webcam on a desktop or laptop computer. The steps are more general and not specific to any brand of webcam. Some webcams may require different, specific steps to troubleshoot than what is provided below.