A Guide to Renting a Boat in Malta: Everything You Need to Know

Boating in Malta is an unforgettable way to discover this picturesque country. Whether you’re searching for a romantic sunset cruise or an exciting day with friends, renting a sailboat or motor yacht is the perfect option.

Malta’s ideal hire a boat Malta season is between April and October, when the weather is calmer and crowds are at their lowest level.


Are you planning a trip to Malta and want to explore the islands from the sea? Renting a boat is an ideal solution. It allows for visits to secluded coves and beaches as well as caves and lagoons on the islands.

Renting a boat in Malta can vary depending on the type of vessel and when you book. On average, day charters with up to four guests start at around EUR350 per person.

For a more luxurious sailing experience, you can hire a skipper for an additional fee. They will provide local knowledge to guarantee you have an optimal time on board. Afterwards, you can sit back and savor your boating holiday!


Experience the stunning Maltese Islands by sailing around them. Whether you’re searching for a private boat charter or want to bring along your friends for an exciting journey, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Selecting the ideal boat is essential to guarantee you have a secure time on the water. Furthermore, inspect all safety equipment on board to make sure everything works perfectly.

Boat rentals are plentiful and you can even hire a skipper without needing a license! While this can be an enjoyable way to get out on the water, it’s not recommended for novice sailors.


When buying a boat in Malta, there are certain insurance policies to take into account. These protect both the craft and you as its owner.

Insurance companies typically cover any damage or losses to your boat while you are renting it out or selling it afterward.

Doing this will give you peace of mind when renting out or selling your boat in the future.

Additionally, most boat rental policies will cover theft and vandalism.

Giving yourself peace of mind that you can enjoy your trip without any worries is invaluable. However, if you are uncertain how to properly dispose of any items that have been stolen or vandalized on board, it is essential that you consult local regulations prior to setting out on the journey.

License requirements

Malta offers many boat rental options, but be aware of the license requirements. Most boating companies will provide brief instruction on driving the vessel, and some even provide Jet Skis for a faster option that might be better suited to short-term renting.

If you want to venture into the waters surrounding Malta with greater assurance, we recommend hiring a boat with a captain. This way, you can explore all of Malta’s best bays, beaches and caves without worrying about anything.

Bareboat charter is legal in Maltese waters and allows you to rent any yacht registered under either the Malta flag or a foreign registry without having to register as its owner. This is particularly advantageous for those without access to property but still want to enjoy time on the water.

Boats available

Malta is a haven for sailing enthusiasts, boasting numerous stunning bays, beaches and caves that can only be explored by sea. Boat rentals in Malta provide an ideal way to discover these breathtaking locations.

For an even more thrilling adventure, why not rent a speedboat? These fast and agile craft are perfect for exploring the Maltese archipelago.


Malta, Goo and Comino offer breathtaking attractions, pristine beaches and sparkling waters. With your boat rental in Malta you can explore these idyllic spots as well as Malta’s captivating capital Valletta.