5 Tips for Getting Better at WPT Online Poker

The rise in poker’s popularity and availability skyrocketed a little over 20 years ago, forever bringing it out into the mainstream of society. After that, it exploded all over TV, in local card rooms, and across the internet. And while online availability has greatly expanded access to the game internationally, it also creates certain challenges that sharp players need to be aware of before sitting down.

At WPT poker, or any other reputable site/app, you’ll find many benefits and advantages compared to the brick-and-mortar counterpart. For every online-exclusive pitfall there is, there are also easy ways to improve your game and become a more solid player. Here are 5 methods to grow your online poker skills:

1. Utilizing Poker Software and Training

A lot of online platforms offer various tech tools and software to help analyze and assess your play, Many also have video tutorials, hand histories, advanced analytics, odds calculators, and many other digital options for improving your game. Taking notes on your opponents is also highly recommended.  However, always check the rules on your platform concerning what’s allowed as far as software is concerned.

2. Starting at Lower Limits and Managing Bankroll

The swings in online poker can be much higher and lower than what is typical in live play. This is due to the number of hands per hour being higher, as well as optional multi-tabling. With that understood, it is even more crucial to practice proper bankroll management online. As a general rule, you should never play at a level where you don’t have at least 25 buy-ins.

3. Taking Notes On/Tagging Your Opponents

Unfortunately, many players online give up on trying to pick up information or tells from their opponents. Just because you aren’t sitting across from someone in real life doesn’t mean that you can’t still make a few relevant observations. Noticing when players bluff, raise with strong hands, and act in other ways can be noted for future encounters.

4. Staying Patient and Disciplined

As mentioned prior, the ability to play multiple tables can lead to playing too many hands and sacrificing your per-hour rate. Remaining patient and maximizing your opportunities to play quality games on WPT poker will also maximize your profits.

5. Playing a Dedicated Schedule

While this may not be something that every poker enthusiast has the freedom to do, if there is any way possible that you can play a semi-consistent schedule, you should do it. This is where you will typically find the same players (that you should have notes on), and having a schedule helps you establish a time to leave, leading you to book more wins.

Playing with Confidence at WPT Poker

Mastering online poker requires a tremendous investment of time, effort, and education. It also takes a certain mental acuity and personal disposition. But following these tips presented here today will definitely get you started on your way. The main thing you want to make sure of is that you are playing on a reputable, secure, trustworthy site like WPT.

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