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  • This the season 18 on dancing with the stars.  My mom loves this show and she also loves Nene Leakes from Atlanta Housewives.  Nene did her thing on the show.  In  a former life she was a dancer and she showed on the show that she still have skills and moves.  I think she even shared a tear.  On the Atlanta Housewives she is always such a mean girl, so the tear was a little shocking.  Can't wait to see how far she goes in the competition.  Hope she makes it all the way to the end.  Check out the video  below.


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  • Ms. Tracy Allen, Video & Internet Marketer – Founder/Owner of 9to5Not Business Solutions.

    Tracy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  She is a Navy veteran, a mother of 2, and entrepreneur.

    Years ago, Tracy worked for the navy, downtown San Diego, and it was then that she said, “Someday she would have a business of her own. No longer will I have a “9 to 5”.

    In 2010 she was laid off from her job selling cars and decided that it was time to really move forward with having her own business, “9to5Not Business Solutions” is the name she chose.

     She realized that entrepreneurs did NOT work “9 to 5”. Even if your hours of operation were from 9 to 5, your business is on your mind and you are working on it around the clock. It really is NOT a 9 to…

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  • Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller, MA, CLC

    Transformational Speaker -   Author – Authentic Living Strategist - Facilitator

    Joins HerTube.TV As A Show  Host

    Cee Cee has had a love for writing since she was 5 years old when her mother use to tell her to go write a story to get rid of her. Cee Cee began writing poetry, then she moved to writing one act plays, then into article/blog writing and finally to book writing. She believes that everyone has a story to tell.  Her love for the written word has increased as the years have gone by. In 2008, Cee Cee released her 1st book titled Be in Good Health: Living a Life of Happiness, Wholeness and Wellness…

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  • What's Happening For Valentine Day?

    Well it's that time of year where love is in the air.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and some of you may be making plans.  For a lot of us the snow will have us locked in.  As a matter of fact I saw on the news this morning that because of the snow we've gotten here in Atlanta and the ice Valentine's Day has been canceled and rescheduled until February 18th.  I thought this was so funny, because I've never heard of such a thing, but the roads are very bad so staying in the house may be the best idea.  New Jersey is still in the midst of a snow storm with snow up to your knees, so I'm sure most of the people living up north will be home just chilling.  I have Netflix and there are a lot of movies that I can watch, so when I stop working I will check that out.…

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