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Yesterday we lost a woman that was an inspiration to so many women around the world.  She went through so much in her life and still she rose.  The wisdom that she imparted on so many of us will always remain in the back of our minds.  One of my favorite quotes was "When People Show You Who They Are Believe Them."  This helped me to remove my blinders, something a lot of us wear ignoring the signs of who people really are hoping that what we are seeing is just a mirage.  Maya Angelou will be deeply missed, but her wisdom will live on.  Check out her Oprah Master Class video.

Master Class By Oprah Winfrey Maya Angelou from Zeshan Farooqi on Vimeo.

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Happy Birthday To HerTube

Atlanta, GA October 23, 2014-HerTube which is a video & TV network about women and what women care about was launched October 2013 celebrates its one year anniversary.  HerTube is the brainchild of Audrey Bell-Kearney and is under the umbrella of Ms. Boss Media a marketing and consulting firm where Audrey is the president.  HerTube host a roster of women who produce their own show that is distributed across the HerTube media network which includes online, Roku, Smart TVs, Vimeo and YouTube where Audrey is a YouTube Partner.  The content produced by the women is also distributed across the HerTube app that can be downloaded to your IPhone, Samsung phones & tablets including Amazon Kindle Fire.  So the network hosts over 200 videos from its producers.  HerTube is a win win for all involved because when we launched we needed content so we looked for women who wanted to be on TV and that’s how we got our first group of producers states Audrey.  The next round of women producers came from business women, motivational speakers and authors looking for a platform that they could use to create more exposure for their business and that’s what HerTube offered. 

Audrey has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and believes that if opportunities aren’t coming to you, then create them for yourself.  95 percent of the women on the network are actresses looking for more face time to hone their craft of acting and HerTube puts them on TV every week when they release a new show because of our partnership with Roku states Audrey.

Over the past year HerTube has had some challenges one of which is monetizing all of content that is being produced on the network.  There is a lot of competition out there when you are looking for advertisers to support the network states Audrey.  We have to get our numbers up to attract advertisers and that has been a challenge for us.  We want to create revenue for the company and also help the women create income.  We partnered with an ad network that run ads on our Roku channel, but the revenue from that is extremely small, so moving forward we are have found a model that we think will work for HerTube and the women who produce shows.  We call it HerTube 2.0.  With this new model we can charge our producers a monthly subscription fee for their own channel and the producers can then in turn charge their subscribers a subscription for their channel, offer pay per view options and run advertising on their channel.  This is a great model for anyone who wants to create massive exposure and be in a position to monetize their channel at the same time.  Speakers, trainers and entertainers can charge for live events.  Filmmakers can charge for film screenings online and on TV.  HerTube 2.0 offers a lot of great options and we are glad that we will be launching this new platform and our very own HerTube set-top-box on Christmas Day. What a way to start off the new year with a solid plan and platform ready to go for 2015 says Audrey.

For more information contact Audrey at 678-254-2911 or via email Audrey@HerTube.TV or visit www.HerTube.TV or for HerTube 2.0 visit www.HerTubeTV.com

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