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The Pyramid Movie

Just took a look at the trailer for this movie The Pyramid and I will be checking it out when it comes to the theaters in December.  One of the things on my wish list is to go to Egypt to visit the Pyramids.  After seeing this movie I may just change my mind.  Check out the trailer below.

Leave me a comment if you think you will be checking out this film when it comes out in December.

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An inspirational weightlifter is beating all of her records despite losing an arm in a horrific car smash. Krystal Cantu, 25 can lift a 210lb bar clear above her head with only one arm and has increased her ferocity in the gym since the accident last August. Her boyfriend Daniel Cuate was driving outside of their hometown of San Antonio, Texas when a tire blew and the car flipped - painfully crushing her arm. Daniel escaped unscathed but Krystal was told that her arm would need to be amputated after she was airlifted to hospital. Krystal – who trains in CrossFit, a discipline that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio  and still managed to find the courage to get back to the gym just three weeks later. Despite having a very successful career in IT, Krystal has her heart set on competing professionally in CrossFit.  Talk about determination and not letting anything get you down.  She is just amazing.  No feeling sorry for herself.  No asking why me, just making the best of what God has given her.

If more people could look at life this way, they would be much happier and fulfilled people.  Don't complain be thankful and make the best with what you have.  This is a valuable lesson that anyone at any age can learn from.

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Her Featuring Jessica Robinson

HER Magazine: Her Featuring Jessica Robinson

HER Magazine is about hard working, empowered and resilient women who are living life doing what they love.

Find out more on MagCloud

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Lynn Kitchen favorited Lynn Kitchen's blog post GENIUS (Episode 17)
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Lynn Kitchen posted a blog post
Your Genius Within....Do You Know Her?  Do You Hear Her?LISTEN!! Her voice is always there with you....​Did you know that the Dreams you hold in your heart are actually the Language of Your Genius Within beckoning you to Grow! ? Yes, that is what Lynn speaks about in this powerful video you can't miss....in the Cafe of Dreams!www.TheCafeofDreams.com
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aesha waks posted a blog post
This week on Body by Aesha, the host discusses food intolerance. Follow Aesha on HerTube: http://hertube.tv/body-by-aesha
20 hours ago
Jaclyn Lacey Foster posted a blog post
Playfulness. Innocence. I had been out of touch with these for years, but I've been actively bringing more attention to my playful, innocent nature as I realize the drain that productivity without playfulness brings into my life. On the phone with a wonderful woman and my coach, Liz Connors, I was reminded of the importance of tapping into my inner child and communicating with her. So today I want to share an exercise with you that helped me tap into my inner child. Are you tapped into your playful and innocent nature? I'd love to know what you do to stay plugged into your playfulness. You can check Liz out here http://soul-warriors.com/

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